16. April 2010

Manche Briefe sollte man nie abschicken...

...aber auf jedenfall aufheben. So auch das Fundstück meines letzten Englandaufenthaltes.

Dear Mrs. Smith-Bottomchamber,

I am writing with regard to my stay in your flat from November until December. When I arrived at your flat on Sunday, you did not open the door for an hour, that is really not a friendly welcoming. After several knocks on the door, you opened. The first thing you told me was how to use the key and that I had to be clean. A further source of irritation is that my room is very cold although the central heating is working in the rest of your house. I am also concerned about the fact that you are not interested in me as a person. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that I am here for talking and learning the language. Otherwise I would have booked a hotel in the centre of London with an TV that could talk to me. Extremly annoying is, that you turn the radio in the kitchen on instead of talking to me during breakfast. The shower of course is also a big problem. It is cold and the water pressure is low, I loose a lot of hair. Even the cat ignores me. Finally I would like to draw your attention to the fact that students are here to learn the language not to the sleep in the cats' room.

I look forward not to hearing from you and not taking anymore students as a guest.

Definitely not sincerely yours, Judith